Dr. Pedro L. Donado Pintado
Tf: 670 914 070 


Acupuncture and moxibustion are essential parts of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It involves the insertion of sterile needles and / or application of heat at certain points of the body in order to restore the energy balance. This energy balance is responsible for the right functionality, both physical and mental, of our body. When we have energy imbalance, a disease or a symptom will appear, like, for example, pain.


With the restoration of the energy balance, Acupuncture / Moxibustion facilitates the recovery of our health and of our ability to defend ourselves against the different aggressions, which we are daily  exposed to.

An important and very effective component of acupuncture is Auriculotherapy, in which needles, pins or seeds are applied to certain points of the ear to also restore the energy balance. Auriculotherapy is very popular for its indications to lose weight or to quit smoking. 

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