Dr. Pedro L. Donado Pintado
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 Homeopathy is a therapeutic method based on the principle of similarity, already enunciated by Hippocrates in the early times, whereby a substance, which in high doses produces certain symptoms can cure similar symptoms present in one person, when it is given in very small doses (infinitesimal).



  An example would be the onion; whenever we cut it, we get ocular and nasal irritation as we are breathing its scents at high doses. These symptoms look like a cold or an allergy with oculo-nasal involvement. The same onion prepared in infinitesimal doses will act if we have a cold or an allergy with similar symptoms.

Homeopathic treatment is an individualized one, since we are looking for the personal way each of us have to react to the disease in order to prescribe the remedy that most closely matches the symptoms we have.

We offer you the videoconference modality for homeopathic consultations, with appointment set up in advance, for those patients living in a different city or country or unable to go to my office.

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